Who Are We Looking For?


You're a:

• Current or previous Spectrum Tuition Student (min 2 terms)
•A student who is patient
•A student who is high achieving  
•A student who is responsible  
•A student that just has good vibes. 


You'll need to be familiar with the Spectrum Tuition class structure and processes.

If there are any leadership roles or other experiences that may help you on the job, feel free to let us know. 

Technical bits 

You'll need to:

• Be an Australian Citizen
• Have your parent's permission
• Have a Tax File Number (We can help with this)

What's The Job?

Tutor Support

You'll be working closely with tutors and assisting them as classroom helpers

Basic marking support

You'll be going through work by younger students and assisting in the correction process

Work with a term based system

You'll be working on Saturdays either before or after your class (If you're in the morning, you will help out in the afternoon and vice versa)

What will be expected of you?

You will be expected to demonstrate leadership skills.

You are also expected to be on time.

We would also expect you to be patient with the students you'll be helping and demonstrate initiative to support your tutor in class.  

Most importantly, we want you to be passionate about helping students because this is what it's all about!

What can you expect from us? 

We'll give you experience you'll likely not be able to get anywhere else.

You'll have a chance to teach younger kids and get experience working.

You'll learn how management works and how to act professionally in a workplace.

And of course, you'll be compensated for your time at the industry standard rate.

Interested in joining us?

We need a 250 word cover letter on why this job would be a good fit, and possible experiences that would qualify you for this job.

We'll also need a resume.

Please send it to work@spectrumtuition.com and direct it to Ricky Liu.