Who Are We Looking For?


You're a:

• A student who is high achieving  
•A student who is patient
•A student who is responsible  


No experience needed! This role caters to students going into their first job in a professional workplace.

If there are any leadership roles or other experiences that may help you on the job, feel free to let us know. 

Technical bits 

You'll need to:

• Be an Australian Citizen
• Have your parent's permission
• Have a Tax File Number

What's The Job?

1. Correcting and Giving Effective Feedback

Mark work, provide verbal feedback and track students' achievements.

2. Administration

Work with our online platform, assist with performance measures and learn customer service activities

3. Conducting a Spectrum Class

Step into the shoes of a tutor and even have the opportunity to teach some aspects of a class

4. Workplace Initiatives and Communication

Learn how to act, dress and conduct yourself professionally

What will be expected of you?

•Be available on the weekend when we run classes
•Demonstrate leadership skills and show initiative
•Be prepared and manage your time well to complete all tasks required efficiently
•Be flexible and adaptable to the workplace environment
•Be patient, respectful and supportive of students and tutors
•Be passionate about learning new skills and passing on your experience to our students

What can you expect from us?

We will let you behind-the-scenes of a professional workplace! 

 We will equip you with fundamental skills for the workplace including giving and receiving feedback, communication and team work.

And of course, you'll be compensated for your time at the industry standard rate.

Interested in joining us?

To apply, you will need to send us a:
• Cover letter
• Resume  

We need a 250 word cover letter
• Why are you interested in the STAR internship & working at Spectrum Tuition?
• Why are your skills well suited to the role?
      o Include previous relevant experience
         or co-curricular activities that have  
         helped you develop these skills.
• What are you hoping to get out of this internship?

Please send it to work@spectrumtuition.com

Application Deadlines

Applications close 
• Monday15th January, 2024 for Term 1
• Thursday 28th March, 2024 for Term 2
• Monday 24th June, 2024 for Term 3  
• Thursday 24th September, 2024 for Term 4