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An essential part of preparing for the Victorian Selective Schools Exam is by doing mock exams under timed conditions. Spectrum Tuition gives you the opportunity to do this with dedicated tutor support and feedback.

What You Will Get?

The Spectrum Tuition Selective Schools Mock Exam Classes gives you a consistent way to prepare for the Victorian Selective Schools Exam.  

Every week you'll be focusing on a different aspect of the selective exam under strict test conditions. These classes give you extra attention from tutors, who will give you immediate feedback.

How This Will Work?

Every 2 weeks

Complete a persuasive, verbal reasoning and reading comprehension exam to strict exam conditions

Every 2 weeks

Complete a creative writing, numerical reasoning and mathematical reasoning exam to time

Every week

Get immediate feedback on all exams including the essay
Get access to and online portal where you can resit the exam  and revise the feedback on exams via video workshops.

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