FREE 5 Week Course

To prepare for a Selective Schools exam

Each week, we'll send you an email lesson covering a different aspect of the exam.

Email 1: Persuasive Writing

School based essays are completely different from exam style essays. In this course, students will learn how to structure and write an effective piece of writing in less than 30 minutes.

Email 2: Creative Writing

Creative essays can be difficult for many students because they may not know how to structure their essays effectively, brainstorm, organise and develop complex ideas effectively, put thoughts on paper and do all the above in less than 30 minutes!

Email 3: Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning tests a student's ability to think and reason using numbers. Student will often struggle with this area because they may not be familiar with the content, they may not have an efficient strategy or they may not know how to link topics together to have a deep enough understanding to effectively reason through increasingly complex problems within the given 30 minute timeframe.

Email 4: Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning measures a student's ability to think and reason using words and language. Students often find these test items difficult because they may not have a limited vocabulary, they may not have a firm grasp of English language conventions or be familiar with efficient strategies to tackle specific questions all in the space of 30 minutes!

Email 5: Reading Comprehension

Without the right strategy, reading comprehension can be very challenging for many students. This exam measures a student's ability to read and interpret meaning from written passages with some questions also requiring students to correct, complete and punctuate sentences.

It's often challenging for many students who may lack concentration while reading, connect ideas in the passage, gloss over detail, have difficulty distinguishing significant information from minor details and are often confused about the meaning of words and sentences.

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