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Weekly downloadable booklet

Structured video lessons

Structured course

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Personalised correction and feedback of work submitted

Live support

Assessment and monitoring of results


downloadable self contained booklet

Structured course booklet to practice and master concepts taught during the lesson.

structured video lessons

Instant access to on demand structured video lessons taking students step by step through the course. Start. Learn. Pause. Rewind. Repeat.

structured course

Our courses, are directly mapped to the current curriculum and have been tested and refined with real students for 20 years. Lessons are carefully structured and are sequenced logically, building up confidence in students each week.


Every week, students will complete a quiz revising work from the previous week in order to build on work introduced in the current week.


Students can submit their written work via email for personalised correction and feedback from a tutor

Results will be monitored by a tutor for your child's specific case.


3 x 30 minute 1-1 private tutoring sessions via zoom to address any individual questions students may have from the course!

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