Inside, you'll have access to one full practice exam. You can assess exactly where your child sits in numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, mathematical reasoning and full-length reading comprehension. With our BASIC answers, you can review exactly which areas are of concern, and target them in your child's study.

1 x Full length numerical reasoning exam

1 x Full length verbal reasoning exam

1 x Full length mathematical reasoning exam

1 x Full length reading comprehension exam

4x writing prompts (1 x creative, 3 x analytical 

BASIC Answers


 Both my sons have used the Accelerated Exam Pack for SEALP and it has really helped them to prepare for the real exams. The exam pack questions are tougher than the real exam. Hence if students do well in the exam pack questions they are bound to do well in the real exam. This also gives them the confidence when attempting the real exam as it familiar ground. The best way to use this pack is to attempt this in exam like conditions at home i.e. with relation to keeping it time bound. Then you need to check the ones you get wrong and the solutions pack is a very good tool as it also explains the answers rather than just giving the right answers. Kids can then clarify their concepts again. We did 3 rounds of this tests in the lead up to the exam i.e.about 2 months before the exams so that we could identify the gaps and kids had time to revise and revisit concepts for questions that they had incorrectly answered. I would highly recommend the exam pack as it is a very good investment.

Andrew T

 This is very extensive pack which provides depth and challenge, to really prepare for a scholarship exams. The details solutions allow for greater revision and targeted learning. My son has made good use of the 3 different packs, using the first to steadily work through the questions and review his mistakes and the following packs to sit as timed tests. I would highly recommend this exam pack for anyone looking to prepare for exams and revise in a targeted manner.

Sharon P


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