This course is designed to help you revise key components of the Victorian Selective Schools exam in just 6 weeks!



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Outstanding Revision Course

This Selective School Course has been really useful as it helped me with revising everything I needed to remember before the exam. The instructor explained everything thoroughly, with questions for students to try so they can apply the knowledge they just learnt to see if they understand. There were even videos uploaded so students could rewatch the lesson anytime.

3 years ago
Emily Yang

Excellent Course

This course was way better than my expectations. The instructor was very knowledgeable and articulate, she did a fabulous job pacing the work and addressing student questions. Moreover, the course was detailed, interactive, and professional. I learned a lot.

3 years ago
Lat Yung Hpauyu


The Selective Revision Course has been truly incredible for me and I am sure it has been amazing for others as well because of how engaging the learning is and how every single important sub-topic has been split into one lesson with in the session!!!

3 years ago

An extremely informative and practical revision course

The revision course was exceedingly beneficial , it gave me a lot of help as it actually combined all the topics we need for each subject into separate video lessons

3 years ago
Chloe Cheong


It was really helpful, fun and engaging. It really made me feel a lot more prepared and confident with my selective exam preparation!

3 years ago

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    Selective Membership

    The selective membership is a live, weekly practice exam in one of the areas of reading comprehension, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and mathematical reasoning Note: this will continue to be direct debited weekly until you cancel at anytime.

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        What you get in this plan

        • In this package, we've bundled
        • Lesson 1: Persuasive Writing
        • Lesson 2: Creative Writing
        • Lesson 3: Numerical Reasoning
        • Lesson 4: Verbal Reasoning
        • Lesson 5: Mathematical
        • Lesson 6: Reading
        • Correction of work and
        • Comprehensive video recordings
        • Practice paper plus video
          explanations for each section